Gulvezir | Children Furniture and Cribs
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The story of Gulvezir is a tale of friends whose worlds turn upside down with the arrival of children.

A bit of urban life mixed with the country living.

It's about children's creativity observed in a conscious way.

A story full of details - the more subtle and delicate the better at winning the hearts and interest of the youngest ones.

And finally - it is a story of professional experience in architecture applied to design and personal attention paid to the slightest detail.

It unfolds through sketches, drawings, prototypes and final forms that attempt to reach harmony between simplicity and creativity.

Gulvezir is a brand we put our heart into it.

How we do it?


All Kutikai furniture and accessories are made especially for children and their carers. We put every effort in designing perfectly safe products that can be used with creativity by our children.

New ideas come to us unexpectedly – while playing with our children or during mum’s full-time day-to-day activities.
Once we come up with an idea it is then instanly turned into preliminary drawings. Essentially,
the production of a prototype consists of selecting materials suitable for children and choosing a safe technology.

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